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    Land of the Titans
    Meet again with Doris and Ralph, our two famous adventurers that are now on a new incredible mission. You probably remember them from the mission about the brothers Grimm. They followed their traces in order to discover more information about their stories. They wanted to figure out are they real and related to true events or they are just a fruit of people's imagination. Today Doris and Ralph have a new mission in front of them – to find out the truth about the huge giant statues that have been discovered in one small Mediterranean village.

    As the local legend says, those giants were actually giant-gods that kept the population safe from coming weather disasters. The appearance of those statues is rather unique but soon Doris and Ralph discover that there is something similar in them with statues that are located on the Easter Island, an island that is thousands kilometers away from this particular place. They are intrigued by those traces so they really want to know what the connection between these two monuments is. Is it just an accident or there is a certain real relation.

    Doris and Ralph know their job really well but they surely need some help to improve the quality of their work, to become even more secured in their discoveries. Also this is a chance for us to learn many new things, improving our history knowledge.


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    Land of the Titans

    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 30,648
    Published on: 22.03.2017
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    anastasi96 (5 days ago):
    Thank you for playing!

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