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    Mystery Behind the Curtain
    How good do we know the persons around us? How good do we know the persons we share our bed with?! We may think that we know those people really good but many times it appears that we don't know them at all! Those are those moments when people find out that their partner had an affair, had a huge dept, had a harmful hobby or so. Those discovering are not pleasant at all, actually they are very hurtful but yes, they still exist...

    Deborah is an actress in the national theater. She works there for a certain period of time, and she had the luck to find a romance there as well. Deborah is in love relationship with Thomas who is also an actor in the same theater. Being in a relationship with a colleague could be complicated sometimes but they managed to have a good relationship besides this fact. But something really serious has happened in the theater those days...

    Two days ago, there was a murder in the theater. One of the actors was found dead, shot in his dressing room. Deborah is in huge shock, same as all people that work in the theater, including the broad public but for her the shock is even bigger... Namely, Deborah has found a gun in the drawer that belongs to her lover! She can't believe her eyes and she is desperate to find out if her lover Thomas is really involved in this terrible act.


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    Mystery Behind the Curtain

    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 07.04.2017
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    Ayyy, Federal Express, I hate you so much....

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