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    Seaside Romance
    Summer loves are one of the best experiences for almost every person. Everything is so romantic that it becomes very easy to fall in love with someone. Perhaps the sea is the factor that makes the summer that romantic, the hot weather, the summer smell in the air...and of course, someone's beautiful eyes...

    Steven is a captain of the wonderful yacht named ‘Moonlight'. He has his yacht for a long period of time and he simply adores spending time in it. He has sailed a lot with his yacht so he knows the sea really well and it goes the same for the local places and the coast. However, our captain is in love with the beautiful girl named Laura. He is prepared to do everything for her and even though in his case it is not just about a summer romance but for something bigger and stronger, he has to show all his trumps in order to get to her heart. And since the sea is the issue that he knows best, he would like to take Laura with his yacht. He will take her to the places where she wasn't before, showing her the beauties of the sea. Actually he will show her the most romantic spot on the host, where they could enjoy this seaside romance.

    Let's sneak into this romantic story and enjoy the wonderful places near the seas!


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    Seaside Romance

    Genres: Romance
    Played: 78,676
    Published on: 08.04.2017
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    All comments (4)
    Panda315 (3 years ago):
    I had no problems today with getting this game to load and to be able to play it, even though my internet is a bit slow
    curves@netspace.net.au (3 years ago):
    It loaded so far, then stoped.  I have found this with a lot of the games.  Boring
    edwina (4 years ago):
    doesn't do anything when I press play
    susannuttoo (4 years ago):
    would love to had played it, however it said it was connecting but, it never did. i checked everthing to c if it was a mistake on my end. it wasnt. sound was even real choppy.

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