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    Cupids Arrow
    There are strange relations between people, or let's say Gods, when it comes to love. This game is based on an ancient myth about Cupid, the well known God of love, a part of the Roman mythology. Cupid was a son of Venera, the Roman goddess of love. Venera was known for her beauty but even the most beautiful ones know to be jealous to other's beauty. Venera is mad and jealous to Daphne, the other beautiful nymph. She is that mad to this woman that she sends he own son Cupid, to find her and kill her!

    Cupid leaded by the directions of his mom, enters into the gardens of the nymphs. And what to expect from this garden?! Numerous wonderful ladies hanging around. Cupid looked at those girls being completely amazed but once he saw Daphne, he forgets about all of them! He also forgets about the words of his mother and the order to kill this girl. But Daphne is all scared and runs away from Cupid. Being scared from what could possibly happen, he hides really well in the gardens so no one can find her. This is her territory so she knows every corner of it.

    No matter how good is Daphne hidden, Cupid has set his mind that he has to find her and marry her! He will search the garden, but he also needs some help from you. Let's help Cupid find Daphne and win her heart.


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    Cupids Arrow

    Genres: Mystery | Romance
    Played: 58,872
    Published on: 31.05.2017
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