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    The Lost Adventurers Diary
    Linda was always a curious person but there wasn't anything much thrilling in her life. Linda's life was just an ordinary life, without too much excitement in it, at least until she found out the dairy of Mister Paul Lewis. In the late fifties, Mister Lewis who was a great adventurist was looking for the lost city. However, Mr. Lewis was never seen again he started his huge journey.

    Linda has read the diary very carefully. She realized that Paul was a real professional and he was aware of each step that he made. All of this has motivated her to start following Mr. Lewis's traces with intention to find out the truth about him. She wonders how is it possible such an experienced adventurist to get lost just like that. It seemed that he was rather sure what he was doing. Linda finds out many interesting facts in the lost diary so she decides to follow his path and find out what was going on then.

    We are sure that you would like to take part in this amazing adventure and find out something more about this man whose life was everything but ordinary. Together with Linda, you will follow the traces that lead to a huge discovery about Paul's life but also about the lost city, the aim that was his huge passion. Let's focus on the diary and get to the final truth that has marked the life of the great adventurist.


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    The Lost Adventurers Diary

    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 71,424
    Published on: 23.06.2017
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    Pek-Inés (4 years ago):
    Very beautiful, it was better when Zuma could be re-played.
    cathy62 (4 years ago):
    Please put a skip button on the zuma games for the people who do not want to play that bonus
    Rattiesox (4 years ago):
    Please fix the zuma games.  They are all glichy and the ball shooter is too slow. With the games seizing up and the slow ball shooter, it becomes impossible to aim and have fun.

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