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    Stolen Documents
    Alice and Eric are detectives and partners in the New York police. A big company addresses them due to a great theaft that happened, when important documents have been stolen from them. The thing is the documents are tremendously important to the researchers in the company because they are patents about a new product that should be launched soon on the market.If these documents don't appear as soon as possible, that would mean death for the company. Our heroes Alice an Eric are already in the comany's building and are starting the very important investigation.

    The both of them are extremely experienced detectives and have already had difficult frauds and thefts to solve, so for them this is an extra provocative case. They talk to all the important employees in the company if they have noticed something suspicious. Very often such cases end up in finding some insider who has put fingers in it and is a spy. Find out if that is the case this time as well.

    When you are inventor, you fight for your \"child\" as it is your eyes. Patents have to be saved carefully so no one would find out about it and have the chance to steal it. Today the intellectual and author's rights are very important and we should all fight against patent malversations or plagiarism.


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    Stolen Documents

    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 29.07.2017
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