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    Summer is the best time for adventures. That's why we are giving you an interesting occasion to have some real fun. We are bringing you back to history, some six centuries ago in the Latin America. Old civilizations are always interesting to go back to them. We have gained a lot from them, and we should be thankful. We find ourselves very smart and innovative, and actually, if we get to see back what our ancestors centuries ago did and were, we will be amazed.

    In the 20th and 21st century we invented so little, some people smarter than us did more for the mankind Incas, Aztecs were very smart and well organized civilizations. They are ancestors to today's people of Latin America. Cindy has arrived in the ruins of huge old Empire of Incas. She has arrived here to find the last six golden statues that used to belong to the great Emperor Atahualpa. In the last few days of the Empire Of the Incas, Atahualpa has ordered six golden statues to take a bow to the gods. He believed that gods will save the kingdom, if they are going to be well awarded. No one has found those golden statues. But, Cindy is pretty sure in herself that she can find them.

    Inca Empire is considered to be the largest empire in the world in the 16th century. Unfortunately, Spanish people have conquered this land and took it as theirs in 1572. As it usually happens, the physically stronger countries and armies conquer the weaker and they take the worthy things to themselves. We hope you will help Cindy find the gifts for the Inca's gods.


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    Empire of Gold

    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 09.08.2017
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    BluAngel (3 years ago):
    I love this one. Good job!  Happy 8-2017
    Pek-Inés (3 years ago):
    Very Beautful, thanks guys!

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