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    Creeping Silence
    There are many abandoned villages and places, located everywhere in the world. However, the reasons why those places are abandoned are usually logical and clear – a natural catastrophe, migration of the people that lived there because of some economic reason, the village location that wasn't that reachable and similar things. However, sometimes we hear stories about some abandoned places that are abandoned because of certain strange reasons…At the moment, Clara is in one rather strange village where there are no real people, just scary ghosts! There is a rumor that in this village lives the keeper of the shadows.

    This man doesn't leave the people's souls to go away to the other world, but he keeps them here, in this village. Actually this is Clara's village. The place where she lived as well, before this odd man came. This story has expelled all people that lived in the village, because no one likes to live with ghosts whose number is huge!

    Clara comes to the village after certain period of time, with one single aim, to win over the keeper of the shadows. She believes that this way the people that lived in this village could come back in their homes again. That means that she will come to her place too, and continue her normal life. This girl is aware that this would be a serious fight but she is prepared to take the risk and for the sake of her people.


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    Creeping Silence

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 99,363
    Published on: 15.08.2017
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    All comments (6)
    jean (5 years ago):
    Moodyblue (6 years ago):
    Why can't I save the games so I continue at a later time?

    Pek-Inés (6 years ago):
    The scary subject is the best, thanks.
    mabby (6 years ago):
    Really beautiful, thanks guys.
    hayu (6 years ago):
    Not opening except for the commercial. Of course if you like black screens and commercials then this is the puzzle for you!!!!
    GYPSY42 (6 years ago):
    As of now i have not even been able to play a game they take forever to load.

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