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    Wine Valley
    Siena and Chiara are two Italian girls that come from a small Italian village. Their village is famous by its vine production but also it is a wonderful place that everyone should see and that's why there are many tourists coming there every day.

    And if we relate vine and tourism, we get one branch of the tourism known as vine tourism. This doesn't mean that bunch of drunk tourists go from one place to another but tourism concentrated on those places that produce vines including the vineyards, wineries... Siena and Chiara work exactly that. They organize touristic tours, improving the rural tourism, with aim to promote their village and the quality vine offered there. Their job could be hard sometimes but also it is a very beautiful job because every day they could feel like tourists too.

    Today at their village is coming a new group of tourists which means that they will have a lot of work. They have to prepare the tour by organizing each step, conceive what is important for the tourists, what would they like to see, which place should be visited and where should they stay most. Since they have a lot of work, they could always use some help so here is when you come. As their friend, Siena and Chiara are inviting you to help them with their following tour. You will mean a new place and learn something more about the vine industry which means that you will have a lot of fun. Enjoy!


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    Wine Valley

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