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    Fruit Farm
    Many people have an aversion from agriculture because they believe that it is the hardest profession that asks for a lot of physical work and efforts, together with a huge knowledge about the fruits and the procedure that follows their growing and placement. And yes, this is all true but there are still so many people that are really into it and since they love fruits and nature so much, they don't have any problem doing this job.

    Kim is an owner of a fruit farm. She is really into healthy food and that's why her farm offers a lot of fruits with great quality. She invests a lot but that's why her fruits look and taste best, not to mention the fact that she really avoids feeding them with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Kim does this job for a longer time and she really loves and believes in what she does, always taking care the final costumers to get a healthy product. According to her, keeping the good quality will provide her a stable job and continual profit.

    Since this job is rather difficult and it asks for a lot of physical effort, Kim could always use some help. Now she is asking some help from you, to help her with the everyday responsibilities in the farm. This period is a season of apples and she has them a lot, so in this period she needs most help in gathering the fruits and preparing them for the market. Maybe you have to give some sweat for this task but the final feeling will be great, we assure you. Just don't waste time, start right away, because the apples should be delivered on the market while they are still fresh and most delicious.


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    Fruit Farm

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    Published on: 12.10.2017
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    Pek-Inés (6 years ago):
    This game is really beautiful! Thanks.

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