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    Against All Odds
    Usually some other people are the ones that are guilty of something, that face certain punishments and so on, but no, the real truth is that this could happen to all of us. By this, we don't mean that each one of us could become a criminal or so, just that sometimes it might happen for us to be unfairly accused for a something we didn't do. In certain case it is easy to prove our innocence but some cases are that complicated that even the best lawyers find it hard to make something to change things to better.

    Marie is a witness of a hard situation. Namely her father is the one who is accused for something he didn't do. At the moment Marie is in a search for certain evidences that are very important and could free her father from prison. He is convicted for a crime he never did, but still it is very hard for him to show that his alibi is serious and somehow everything points to him as a main suspect and main guilty for the crime.

    Marie is hoping that she will manage to find enough evidences that will help her free her father. That's why she needs you, to help her in this very difficult moment and look for a trace that will solve the case and make this innocent man a free man.


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    Against All Odds

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 62,587
    Published on: 10.12.2017
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    Attractive new design!

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