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    The Centaur Daughter
    You have probably heard about centaurs. A centaur, or rarely known as hippocentaur, is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. Those half-man, half-horse savages inhabited the mountains and forests of Thessalian Magnesia. According to the stories, they were a primitive race who made their homes in caves, hunted wild animals for food and armed themselves with rocks and tree branches. However, perhaps there is something more than this story, something that proves that they are not just savages but they are something more.

    Hylonome is a daughter of the Centaur Cherion. The Centaur is known as the one that has confronted the Gods in public. He has also asked from them to stop telling people that Centaurs are dangerous and should be kept hidden in caves deep in the woods. Because of this rebellion, the Gods have commanded people to eliminate Cherion, using six poisonous arrows. The Gods have made those arrows and left them in the woods. Hylonome knows that if she manages to find the arrows before the people, she will manage to save her father.

    Let's take part in this mythical adventure and learn something more about the relations between Gods and Centaurs, and the relations between Centaurs and people. Are Centaurs really dangerous and could they harm people? This game will explain us all, so let's start right away and help Hylonome finish her job, helping her father.


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    The Centaur Daughter

    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 94,970
    Published on: 12.12.2017
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    keibre (2 years ago):

    jean (3 years ago):
    honeybee (4 years ago):
    how do you start game wont play
    BluAngel (4 years ago):
    Loved game. Happy  12-2017
    mabby (4 years ago):
    A beautiful fantasy, thanks h4f.

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