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    Saving Christmas
    Christmas might be the greatest holiday during the year but always there is someone that doesn't appreciate it that much. There are people that underestimate its beauty, not appreciating the whole contexts and celebrating the family values that come in first plan during those days.

    Ethel and Hazel live in one Norwegian mountain village. This village hides one particular secret for ages. It is about the special Christmas Star that was kept in greatest secrecy, but someone has managed to steal this star. There are many suspects but Ethel and Hazel suspect that it is the evil witch Amber. Amber never celebrates Christmas and her biggest wish was to make something that will make Christmas stop existing! How cruel is that?! Yes it is, but this witch's hate and jealousy is that big, that she is prepared to do everything in order to put a stop of all that joy that Christmas brings to people.

    Ethel and Hazel, together with their friends, have decided that it is up to them to do something to save the situation. All of them like to do their best, to find the Christmas Star and bring back the old Christmas shine. Their battle will be rather hard and complicated but the will of those young people to save Christmas is big enough so we are sure that they will manage to do what they wish.


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    Saving Christmas

    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 54,906
    Published on: 25.12.2017
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    algarita (3 years ago):
    Game will not come up

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