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    The Fearless Brothers
    Many years ago, when the world functioned in a completely different way, the knights were the bravest people in the kingdoms, appreciated by the king because they took care of many of his problems, when it comes to war or defending the territory of the kingdom. Their main weapons were the swords and the shields but they also used their brains to deal with the situations, helping and advising the king.

    Now meet the bravest people in the kingdom. Gabriel and Gilbert are two brothers – knights that are very famous for their bravery, two persons who have gained a lot of trust in the king's eyes. That is the reason why the king has sent them to the scariest part of the kingdom, the part that is ruled by the evil witches. In this situation they have a little bit different task that needs to be done and that is to beat the main witch Medea and that doesn't sound as something easy, that is for sure.

    In order to be beaten, they have to find all the necessary objects, needed for making the magic. Those brothers are fearless but witchcraft is not their field of acting so they have to be rather careful what they do and how they do their job. Let's help them get rid of this evil witch and bring back the peace in the kingdom.


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    The Fearless Brothers

    Genres: Scary
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    Published on: 19.01.2018
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