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    Robin Hood
    Do you know the story about Robin Hood? Robin Hood is the most famous outlaw that comes from England but is famous worldwide because of his interesting and unusual dedication. He was actually a thief and what can be interesting about being a thief, but the thing that distinct him from the others is that he robbed from the rich to give to the poor and that is the general plot of the legend about Robin Hood. Meanwhile this story has a really long history and it has appeared in many forms, from verse to film, including different friends and enemies. However, there are some parts of the Robin Hoods legend that have remained constant throughout his entire 800 or more year history. Robin Hood was a Saxon noble, who lived near the castle of Nottingham. By various means he was forced into a life of banditry, using his cleverness and skill-at-arms to lessen bishops, nobles, and servants of the king of gold and jewels levied from the oppressed peasants. He had a band of supporters, his Merry Men around him, all dressed in green. The members of this group that appear in every version of the story are Robin himself, Maid Marian, Little John, and Friar Tuck. Robin Hood is the leader of this trained band of fighters but they are here to help him when he finds himself in some bad situation like being caught by the sheriff or picking a fight with the wrong traveler. And when the going gets rough, Robin blows three great blasts on his horn and his Merry Men appear in a second. Some say they are a small group of outlaws but others say that there were 140 or 150 Merry Men, in some tales even say there were 300 stout fellows in the band. Often characterized as a middle-ages Communist, Robin spends his time fighting the mean Sheriff of Nottingham, and, in the end, King John, who had taken over the throne from the rightful King, Richard I. Today the character of Robin Hood takes place in many cartoons, movies, video games, even operas and many other spheres of the popular culture.

    Game Walkthrough: Do you find the story about Robin Hood intriguing? We are sure that you do, so here is one great find the differences game including this theme that guarantees you a great fun. It is like this. In the game you have few beautiful pictures that narrate happening from the life of the famous outlaw, Robin Hood himself. Every picture will appear in two versions that seem quite same at first sight but when youll look little bit more carefully, you will see that things are not as they seem. Every pair of pictures differs in 10 differences and you should point the differences in the left picture. If you dont know what to do in some point of the game, you dont see any possible clue, you have a chance to use a hint and there are two types of hint available. The first kind of hint is shake and that means that the spot that is different will shake a little and youll see it while the other option is reveal and it will reveal you the whole items that differs from one picture to the other. It is recommendable to be fast in the process of finding because that will give you a lot of points, but at the same time dont push yourself too hard since some differences are little bit hard to be detected. This game can be considered as three in one you will repeat the story once again, youll learn about one new versions of it and at the same time you will train your observational skills and thats all great, isnt it?

    Game Instructions: And at the end the controls. Its a real piece of cake and we mean that! It is a type of point and click game; you detect the difference and you click on it, thats all! However the hard part is the process of detecting and youll need some time for it. Enjoy!


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    Robin Hood

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