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    Blossoms of Love
    There is no such a thing like a definition how to enjoy your love more. There are numerous ways how to do that, or at least as many ways as there are couples in the world and we all know that there is always a new couple on its way. Some couples enjoy quiet walks somewhere in the nature, some like exposing their love in public, in some loud and urban places and so on... and that is not important at all, as long as the partners love and appreciate each other.

    Leona enjoys in the relationship with her lover Samuel. She believes that he is the one, so she likes to spend with him every minute. They both like to travel a lot so they always go somewhere, visiting interesting places, meeting new people or finding nice sights in the nature. Every weekend or every holiday they go somewhere and see something new.

    Leona's lover knows that his girlfriend enjoys walks in nature, so he organizes her a romantic picnic near the lake. Leona is amazed by the beauties of the nature, it's something she hasn't seen ever before so she decides to take a walk in the surroundings and look for some interesting things there. If we take a walk together with Leona, we will also see some new and interesting things in this wonderful nature.


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    Blossoms of Love

    Genres: Romance
    Played: 65,389
    Published on: 17.03.2018
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    gamegrand (4 years ago):
    This game only goes to level seven and then I just get a black screen
    gamegrand (4 years ago):
    this game  only goes to level seven and then it is just a black screen.  I would like to play the whole game please.

    emiargentina (4 years ago):
    hola probaremos eljuego

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