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    Full Moon Ritual
    Immortality for vampires always comes at a cost. The rituals of the vampire community are a unique tradition all their own. They are typically focused on reaffirming the bonds of that community and evoking the power of the individual and spiritual immortality.

    Malcolm is a vampire for whom this night is one of the most important nights. This night he is performing the Full moon ritual. Every 100 years exactly on a full moon he makes the most famous vampire ritual that provides him with an additional 100 years of immortality. The ritual is syncretic, integrating elements from a variety of other systems and adding concepts relevant to vampires.In order to perform the ritual successfully he needs to find all the necessary items - two moonstone gems, two vampire candles, two rings...

    Will he have enough time to find all the components associated with the ritual and live 100 years more? Let's help him with the gathering and find out! Maybe we will also learn something about immortality and eternal life so this will be our motivation for today's game.


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    Full Moon Ritual

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 67,845
    Published on: 14.04.2018
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    Love the Vampires! Happy 4-2018

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