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    Shopping With Friends
    Which is the best method for a woman or a girl to get better? To remove the blues, to feel happy? One, two, three..shopping is the magic word! Especially if one has enough money on the credit card, than sky is the limit! New pair of shoes or new dress can do a magic to a lady. She feels alive again, happy again and ready to go on. But, very importantly, she needs someone to tell her that the new things she bought, look perfect on her. It is interesting that this doesn't work that way to men, or women think so.

    Betty, Lisa and Dona are three best friends enjoying the moments spent together. One thing they love the most doing is when they are all free and go on a a shopping. That day is actually today. Their meeting point is the famous City mall. The common shopping starts.

    Our player has the obligation to be their assistant and has to do the best to find all the needed objects that the three friends want to buy. This is not going to be a touch task for you, isn't it? Enjoy for a while and buy the more possible!


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    Shopping With Friends

    Genres: Shopping
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    Published on: 16.04.2018
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    keibre (3 years ago):

    fourshay (6 years ago):
    why so so long    to   load ????
    BluAngel (6 years ago):
    I also love this format. Thank you!  Happy  4-2018
    19racerlady (6 years ago):
    Love this format...thanks..
    jackfrost (6 years ago):

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