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    House of Six Amulets
    Some time already Tyler is examening the paranormal case of the mysterously exodused people of the Pran village.

    Together with his two assitants Joyce and Evelyn arrive in the village of Pran where according to their findings, the principle guilty man for this catastroph are the six amoulettes which someone has brought in the village.

    These amoulettes had the power of creating fight among the people. They provoced situation so that people would not want to see among each other.

    That made people over night to leave this village. Tyler's goal is to find the amoulletes and to destroy them forever.

    It is time to get the truth, to answer the big question that one whole people put in a history. Maybe there is something that can be done, don't you think?


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    House of Six Amulets

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 76,855
    Published on: 30.04.2018
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