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    The Magic Wine
    Journalism is a great profession. Very tough one, looking for a lot of energy, devotion, every day is a new day with challenge. A journalist must fight for a story every single day. You can not go living on an old glory, you must start all over every single morning. Your readers, viewers won't forget you if you fail with your mission.

    Journalism for women especially is a difficult choice, because it means a lot of time not being at home, hours and hours spent on a case, outside. And one must have a family that be very understanding and kind to accept all the needed space that a journalist need.

    For today we are introducing you this nice lady Lara who is very fond of her job. He spends days and days solving some problem. Lara is an investigator and writer in a journal. This morning she arrived in a small hidden part of Tuscany to report about the mysterious magic wine that the priests long time ago have made it with great tradition. We are sure you would like to enter the role of a journalist today. Try to enter in Lara's head, remember maybe some investigative movie and go ahead, help Lara solve this mystery.


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    The Magic Wine

    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 29.05.2018
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    mayhee (2 years ago):
    good games
    Pek-Inés (2 years ago):
    So, so beautiful, thanks!
    BluAngel (2 years ago):
      Happy  5-2018
    admin (2 years ago):
    Dear bobby1, Once you press accept button the popup will disappear, thank you for the understanding.
    bobby1 (2 years ago):
    iwill not return here until they remove that stupid cookies notice it blockes a portion of the game i cant see yhe hint area also it destracks my contraction on game  thanks for aruinning my game
    bobby1 (2 years ago):
    this stupid websiteuses cookies notice is blocking my game how do i get it off my screenwhat a wast of time

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