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    There are so many people that dont know to spell in their own language. It shouldnt be like that but what can we do if spelling is an activity that is based on practicing and there are some people that are too lazy to practice anything. Each time you spell a word wrong, you're 'practicing' the wrong spelling, so, in case that you're not sure how to spell some word, find out, and then practice spelling. Tracking your work is a great way to observe your progress. Every day learn some words and each time you learn another word, go back and practice the ones you learned before it, because the practice is what makes the knowledge permanent. This way you will train your arm as well to write the correct letters in the right order when you think a certain word.

    Game walkthrough: Now friends its time to practice some spelling and making words. This game is really interesting because is a combination of few tasks finding hidden letters, making words and discovering the name of one ex cricket player from Zimbabwe. First you should do is to look carefully the picture that shows a part of a cricket match. Look really good because the letters are not visible at first sight and at the same time try to think of a word. When youve found a word, the game leads you to another part of the game where you have empty fields that should be filled with letters from the assembled word. As you discover the name of the player, you discover a picture of his face that is placed on the right side of the scene. Do you have a clue who it is about?

    Game instructions:Your main friend in this game will be your mouse, so grab it right now! Your mouse will use you like a loop in the first part and you will be able to see more clearly the letters that are hidden in the picture. After youve made a word, by clicking on the letters, go on with pressing set button, then press ok. Try to find the word that you need to open the box that contains the key to the next level. If you finish faster, you will gain more points, good luck!


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    Find The Word 2

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    Published on: 24.06.2010
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