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    Hidden Danger
    Have you ever wanted to be a real-life Lara Croft or Indiana Jones? Hidden somewhere in the rugged terrain of an abandoned mine there is said to be a chest filled with treasures from World War II. Digging for diamonds, searching for gold coins and jewels is a true trill for fortune seekers who are sometimes risking their lives to find places that might prove full of treasure.

    With so many legends of lost riches out there, it's easy to think that treasure could be found just about anywhere. It's impossible to know if a treasure legend is true until the riches are actually found, but Megan along with her friends are taking an adventurous treasure hunt to find out.

    Today they arrive in one abandoned mine. They are hoping that there they will find the hidden wealth of the World War II. Megan is aware that this might be very dangerous, exposed hole from mining operations that was simply abandoned after they stopped yielding minerals or coal and that every corner hides a certain danger. She and her friends have to be very careful and quick in finding all the hidden objects.


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    Hidden Danger

    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 100,662
    Published on: 02.07.2018
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