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    Fairy Grace
    Each fairy wants to be beautiful, each one wants to be full of grace and to be loved. Sadly, there are some fairies who don't have these qualities. Their uncontrollable lust for magic turns them evil, they become frustrated, they begin to have hateful feelings towards everything, especially the rare good and pretty fairies. Unfortunately, something bad has already happened to the fairy that we are introducing you today.

    Fairy Darla arrives in the magical woods where the other fairies live. She has lost her ability to fly, and with that she has automatically lost her graciousness, her pride. She knows that she would never be accepted by the other fairies if she could not fly. The only way she could regain that ability is through the powers of fairy dust. Creating fairy dust is quite a complicated process which requires a huge amount of magical items, which is why she arrived in these woods.

    She needs to find the ingredients that will help her make the purest magical dust. Will you help our precious fairy, Darla, regain her powers and her beloved ability to fly so she can once again be accepted by the other fairies?


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    Fairy Grace

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 81,842
    Published on: 14.07.2018
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    mabby (3 years ago):
    Pure beauty, thanks guys.
    jackfrost (3 years ago):
    BluAngel (3 years ago):
    Happy 7-2018

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