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    Invisible Whispers
    You may not be some believer and a person who believes that there is life after life, but there are such people who believe that life has actually meaning after what happens on Earth, at home. For some people that has sense and that's why they don't care what kind of life they have here on Earth. For this Sunday mood, we are offering you a spooky story about Kimberly, a woman who cares about people. She believes that everyone, no matter dead or alive deserves to have decent life and leave this place with dignity.

    Kimberly is confronted to a very important mission. Simple, no, we don't agree. This lady arrives at Donald's house. He is famous in their town as the worst serial killer that has ever happened to their place. People are gossiping that victims' voices can still be heard from inside the house. Kimberly wants to check this out, because she is worried about the lost spirits.

    They want to find their real way to home and to let them leave this world with more dignity. Though this might be a little bit morbid topics, still it is a game, and we believe you are going to like it. Good luck!


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    Invisible Whispers

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 38,228
    Published on: 18.11.2018
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    jackfrost (1 year ago):
    BluAngel (2 years ago):
      Happy  11-2018
    mabby (2 years ago):
    An unusual topic, but funny. Thanks h4f.

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