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    Cabin of no Return
    Intelligent riddles are something that not everyone can create, and even more, not a lot of people can solve. If you want to show to the world that you are a smart person, than show them how much brains you have, that is the quality that makes us better people.

    The same goes for the fantasy world. If you think that only you can solve good riddles, you are mistaking, sorcerers can as well. There are evil ones who create such difficult riddles that five players can not solve if they try all together.

    Astrea is a sorceress who lives all by her self in a magical cabin deeply into the woods. Our player gets lost into the woods and arrives into the magical cabin. Astrea waits for him there. She tells him that no one has ever returned from this place because Astrea is know exactly for her difficult riddles, which no one has ever solved. Now our player needs some help. We are sure you will help everyone to safe their lives, because no one wants to live forever with an evil sorceress. It is the day for some mystery and some action.


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    Cabin of no Return

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 62,661
    Published on: 13.12.2018
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