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    The Crystal World
    The progress is possible if you try harder for something. One can't believe that it is a simple thing and that the success comes just because you want it that way. No, that is not the game. No matter what you are dealing with, you must work very hard to achieve something. And that is how your success is going to be sweet and you will be the happiest person ever. Off course, there are people who are successful just because they are some rich people ancestors, but for all the other ordinary people, that is not the story.

    Now, even fantastic creatures will have to put efforts to achieve something. Like in today's game. Shia is a sorceress from lower rang. If she wants to achieve higher rang, she has to arrive in the crystal world of the biggest sorceresses. Over there she will have to finish all the tasks that she is going to be given if she wants to have a higher rank from better sorceress.

    Now, it is your turn. You need to help these lady sorceress and make her the happiest one in this world. Concentrate well and go through all the tasks that this lady needs to pass.


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    The Crystal World

    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 62,090
    Published on: 28.03.2019
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