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    Fort of Secrets
    They say sometimes it is easier to conquer a fortress than to conquer someone's heart. There are people that are pretty difficult to be 'caught', their heart is like a stone and no matter what you do, you will have a trouble getting the warmth out of them. For some people, only a good word is needed, a warm touch and caring person next to them.

    But, yes, there exist forts that are also difficult to be conquered. There is a trouble about getting them down, about defeating some night or a king. Have you ever thought why are they actually made like that? They look scary, look difficult to be touched and defeated.

    We have such a fort in today's game. It is not a simple one and a mystery hides in it. The night Robert and his wife Karen together with their friends arrive in the fortress that has just being conquered. They want to explore it and to find out which secrets this fortress hides so that in years no one has made to conquer it. Now, you are the explorer and you need to find the answer, what lies beneath this fort of secrets.


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    Fort of Secrets

    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 48,736
    Published on: 02.05.2019
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