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    Charlie in play school
    While we are children, many can interpret our lives as being a routine. You get up in the morning, wash up and brush your teeth, have breakfast, have your mother prepare you lunch for school, go to the bus stop and wait for the bus, or have your parents take you to school, and go to school. There, the part which is not so much a routine starts. You develop friendships, learn new and important things every day, play with your friends, a part of our childhood which is very much important in the life of every child. Then, we come home and again continue with our routine, eat something, do out homework, go outside and play for a while, or stay at home and watch TV or play games. Before going to bed, we must brush our teeth again and sleep until morning, when we have to do this entire over again. However, even though this may seem as a routine to many of us, it is still a part which we must go through, a regular part which will help us grow and develop in life.

    Game walkthrough: In this game, we are going to go through a childs daily life and all the routines that he does every day, at home, before and after going to school, on school, as well as after he is done with classes. We are going to show you six pictures depicting all of this; however, each picture will have six differences. And this will be your job to find out what all the differences are in each picture. You will need to do this if you want to move on to the next picture and find out what the kid does next. And not only that, but you are also going to need to do all of this before the time runs out. Remember, you will only be give about a minute, that is, sixty seconds to find all the differences and have the chance to go to the next picture. If you do not manage to do this, we will need to repeat the same picture until you are able to do this. All the differences are very smartly hidden, and every wrong click on the screen will cost you five points, so you should be careful about this as well. Once there are only ten minutes remaining until the end of a minute, you will heat an alarm.

    Game instructions: Each picture that you will see on the screen is very colorful and full of details and this might make it more difficult to find differences. This is why you will need full concentration when playing this game. Use your mouse to go through the pictures and once you spot a difference, just click on it with your left mouse button. Remember, you must only click when you are 100% sure that you have noticed the difference; otherwise you will lose some very important points. The time, score and level are all shown to you at the bottom of your game screen, so you can keep track of your progression at all times. Be especially vigilant of the time, because it is the most important tool that may keep you from going into the next level. Also, once you hear the alarm, try to be as quick as you can in finding the remaining differences. At the end of the day, there is always another try, so do not get very upset if you do not manage to do everything in the first try!


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    Charlie in play school

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    bob66 (5 years ago):
    its the bars in window they are whit on theleft but black on right did not give me credit for finding them i rate this a big falure no good game