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    Rules of Darkness
    Detectives work on different type of cases but when it comes to paranormal activities, things are little bit more complicated. There is always a need for someone who is not afraid from this kind of things, someone who could keep his control under any circumstances, no matter what kind of creatures he meets on his way.

    Ashley and Paul have already worked on several cases with a paranormal character. Because of that, they know how to stay still when they bump into something that could freeze their blood, or let's say, something that could freeze someone else's blood. Today Ashley and Paul arrive in one old abandoned house where paranormal activities happen.

    Even though they know how the things work, they have to be rather careful because the ghosts that are in the house have their own rules that need to be respected. The search of Ashley and Paul will start right now, so let's see what is going on in this house. Be prepared on everything because paranormal activities could be rather unpredictable.


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    Rules of Darkness

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 32,986
    Published on: 04.09.2019
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    back to problems - click on item & won't disappear & no hint

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