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    War of the Ghosts
    When Ruth started her journey to the house and the property of her relative, the count Arnold, she couldn't even imagine what she will experience there. Her visit turned into something totally strange and unusual, but still, no one could predict exactly what will happen when he or she leaves the home… But let's start from the beginning.

    Ruth arrived in the house of her relative, without knowing that that the house has been abandoned, some time ago. The reason why this house was abandoned is the appearance of ghosts who seem to be the new residents of the house. Surprised by this discovery, Ruth becomes even more surprised when she finds out that the ghosts who live in the count property are in some kind of a ghost war.

    They fight between each other about who has the right to live in this place. And the ghosts may fight as long as they like but the scary thing is that Ruth found herself in the middle so she has to play their game if she likes to escape the ghosts and the whole situation.


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    War of the Ghosts

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 41,193
    Published on: 03.10.2019
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    keibre (1 year ago):
    Riddle game doesn't work, bummer!
    admin (2 years ago):
    Hi to  All, Sorry to see that some of you have issues with loading the games.
    - For best performance please use Google Chrome Browser.
    - If you are using some king of ad blocker this might block game loading because some ad is loaded before the game. (you want to exclude or turn off the ad blocker so it will not make issues with the game )
    - Are you connected to sufficient Internet Connection ? The games aren't small in size because have a lot of graphics. Having slow internet connection might be an issue.  
    - If you turned off the ad blocker and refreshed the page and game again not loading, please state what kind of Browser are you using and what kind of Operating System
    * Just to note that there are a lot of people developing and testing the games before publishing so we considering ads and browser blockers issues the most when game stays at "Loading Game, Please ..."  
    Note: If Angela Kuzmanovska wrote to you just to confirm that she is member of our team and might pulling data for resolving your loading issues.
    jackfrost (2 years ago):
    Charoque (2 years ago):
    Game does not delete from screen.  Having issues with several of your games.  What's up?
    mik (2 years ago):
    items wont disapear again.....those type of games do NOT WORK
    BluAngel (2 years ago):

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