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    Mysterious Things
    There is not a rule where could mysterious things happen. Sometimes they happen in quiet places far away from everything but sometimes they could also happen in middle of a certain happening, somewhere where is very crowded or so. Let's see what happen to Cheryl, Andrea and Lawrence, the three farmers who are the main characters in our today's game.

    So, Cheryl, Andrea and Lawrence are farmers whose farms are located one next to the other. They are owners of farms but that is not the only thing that relates them. They cooperate but with time they have become friends as well. That's why they became very concerned when they've found out that their other friend Richard has disappeared. At the moment they arrive at the farm of their friend, with an aim to find out what exactly happened the night when he disappeared.

    Very soon they will realize that his farm is a place where certain mysterious things happen. The farmers will do everything they can, to find their missing friend. Let's help the three framers reveal the mystery and hope that they will find Richard as soon as possible.


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    Mysterious Things

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 71,556
    Published on: 08.10.2019
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    All comments (11)
    keibre (1 year ago):
    Game works fine now, thanks!
    jackfrost (2 years ago):
    admin (2 years ago):
    Hi to  All, Sorry to see that some of you have issues with loading the games.
    - For best performance please use Google Chrome Browser.
    - If you are using some king of ad blocker this might block game loading because some ad is loaded before the game. (you want to exclude or turn off the ad blocker so it will not make issues with the game )
    - Are you connected to sufficient Internet Connection ? The games aren't small in size because have a lot of graphics. Having slow internet connection might be an issue.  
    - If you turned off the ad blocker and refreshed the page and game again not loading, please state what kind of Browser are you using and what kind of Operating System
    * Just to note that there are a lot of people developing and testing the games before publishing so we considering ads and browser blockers issues the most when game stays at "Loading Game, Please ..."  
    Note: If Angela Kuzmanovska wrote to you just to confirm that she is member of our team and might pulling data for resolving your loading issues.
    mik (2 years ago):
    can you please fix the games? this is ridiculous
    BluAngel (2 years ago):
    keibre (2 years ago):
    Game not working right, on the first round at the end it freezes up and stops working, bummer!
    19racerlady (2 years ago):
    Like the new Zuma..thanks guys..
    hayu (2 years ago):
    Well I made it through the first coin puzzle.
    Charoque (2 years ago):
    won't play as usual  - getting to be an everyday occurrence
    mik (2 years ago):
    i cant play this it doesnt work! thats 4 days in a row
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