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    Hidden Numbers
    Hidden Numbers games are incredibly popular nowadays. A Hidden Numbers game is a type of online puzzle video game in which the player have a task to find all the numbers, hidden on an image or photo. Nowadays, Hidden Numbers online games are a popular trend in informal gaming around the world. Hidden Numbers games are actually very similar to Hidden Object games and are some kind of sub-category, because basically they have the same task. So, if you are in the mood for this kind of challenge, Hidden Numbers is a great chance for you to assess your ability to notice details.

    Game Walkthrough: This is a cool puzzle hidden numbers game. Your task is to find all the numbers hidden within the given picture! By starting the game you will be faced with a nice and calmed picture of a girl reading a book in her nice and quiet living room! This is a great chance for you to examine your observing skills by finding the numbers from 1 to 15 which are all different in shape and color. Other thing you should care about is that these numbers are placed on some very unusual places and some of these numbers may actually have the shape of some object in the room, as for example a lamp, or they are hidden on a painting! Well, take these things into consideration, because this way you will know that you should look for them everywhere around the room!! Every correct click will bring you 100 points, but you should avoid clicking on the wrong spots and unnecessarily, for the reason that this way your score will get reduced. The numbers from 1 to 15 are shown at the bottom part of the game screen, and as you find them on the picture and click on the, they will automatically vanish from there, but not from the picture, like in other hidden object games, which adds another aspect of the game, and makes it a little bit more difficult than the others. This is because the numbers stay on the picture even if you have already found them and click on them, and they might confuse you so you can easily click on them more than twice, which will reduce your score. So, that's why you have to be even more careful and use your memory! Some numbers are easily visible, while others will take you lots of time till you find them! And yes, there is one more thing you should have in mind and that is the time limitation! Well, unfortunately you cannot search for hours, because this game has a certain time limit, so if you don't find all the numbers within the given time duration, you lose. But don't worry, the time you have to accomplish the task is relatively as much as necessary! Although some of the numbers will freak you out until you find them, you don't need to get nervous, so stay calm! That's the point of the game right? Otherwise it won't be challenging at all! So, come on, let's see whether you have an eye for detail!?!

    Game Instructions: Only your mouse is necessary to play this game! So, take it in your hand and dive into an exciting number's quest! As soon as you notice a certain number, you should just click on it with the left mouse button! That's all, buddy! Good luck and have a great success with finding all of the hidden numbers!!!


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    Hidden Numbers

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    Published on: 06.05.2012
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