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    Basketball Hidden Alphabet
    Basketball is one of the most famous sports in human history and this game offers you beautiful pictures of basketball strategies that will take your breath away. NBA is the most famous basketball league and all of their matches are great spectacles, full with action and entertainment for the audience. Yes, probably that is the reason why those matches are so watched. There is a lot of action there on the basketball floor but there is not a challenge in watching pictures so there is another thing that you should do while you watch them to find the hidden letters of the alphabet and that will be a real action for you, that asks excellent observational skills and great concentration.

    Game walkthrough: As we said, the pictures are wonderful but that doesnt mean that you have to forget yourself just by watching them, there is some job that has to be done. We guess that you know the alphabet but also the needed letters are given in a row at the bottom of the picture and your job is to find them all to pass the letter. When you spot a letter and you have selected it, it will automatically disappear from the row. For every letter you get points and it would be nice if you manage to find them all in a shorter period of time. Also have in mind that every wrong click reduces your score so random clicks are not recommended and there is no chance to use a hint. Yes, there is a button with question mark and that should be some kind of help but this time it wont use you. It will just guide you to some other web page there nothing that could help you. We also warn you that the game wont be easy to play because the letters are not so stressed so they could be seen easily. You see only their silhouette but it is in very similar color as their background so they literarily melt with it. However, this doesnt mean that is impossible to detect them, you just need to be patient and everything will come out. Here is also one tip that may help you in your mission, if you cant see all the letters, we recommend you to lean your head a little on side and some of the letters will show up.

    Game instructions: We cant say that the tool for playing this game will be glasses or loop for example. It is ok to rely on your eyes, but look carefully, even if you have the strongest sight, because everything is in the details and the developers of the game have made it really hard to play, or we may say quite demanding. So once you spot some letter in the picture, you should simply click on it, using the left mouse click. The game asks from you to be precise with your click because if you are not, it wont record your score and it will count as fail, so youll lose points. We warn you before, but here is once again, dont count on random clicks because they also reduce your score and you wont be satisfied at the end if you havent earned any points.


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    Basketball Hidden Alphabet

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    Published on: 09.05.2012
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