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    Case with a Twist
    Meet the two detectives Janet and Scott. They have worked on numerous cases during their career but now they have a really big challenge in front of them. Namely, Janet and Scott, together with their team of professionals, have started to work on a very delicate case. it is about a case of kidnapping and this time a victim of kidnapping is the daughter of the chief of the police.
    That means that the detectives have a hard job to do because everyone that has been arrested or the close people to someone arrested, could be the possible kidnappers, assuming that the motive for the kidnapping could be revenge. And if we take into account other motives that are not related to revenge or so, the list of options becomes even larger!
    The detectives Janet and Scott, together with their team of professionals, have a task to find out where is the kidnapped person and who and why kidnapped her?! Let's work together with the police and see if we can help somehow, so the case can be solved faster, without any consequences.


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    Case with a Twist

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 29,741
    Published on: 21.10.2020
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