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    House for Sale
    After living in a rather noisy neighborhood, Jenny decided that it’s time to leave this place and move into another place. She would like to move to a more peaceful part of the city where there isn't a lot of traffic and noise, somewhere where she won’t be distracted by the different sounds that come from the streets and the urban living.
    Jenny has already put her house up for sale and today she received a phone call from her real estate agent. As he said, the potential buyers will visit the house in a couple of hours, so Jenny needs to make the place perfect for them. She likes everything to be clean and in the right order. That way, the potential buyers could be more impressed by the place and the chances for selling the apartment become bigger.
    In order to get some help for cleaning the house, Jenny called up her friends to come to join and help clean the place up, before the potential buyers come. We can also help in cleaning. Let’s see what we need to do and make sure everything is in the right order.


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    House for Sale

    Genres: Cleaning
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    Published on: 04.12.2020
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