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    Find the Numbers 54
    Good perception is a powerful tool. For example great detectives and agents have that skill. What does good perception mean? Well, picture this. You go into a room and you see all the details, all the small things around you. Not everyone has the ability to walk into a place and at the very first minute know what kind of picture there is on the wall, what type is the carpet, how long are the curtains That skill can come in handy in so many different situations in life and like everything else, if you want to have it than you have to exercise it and work on the skill. Here is a chance to do that, in Find the Numbers Challenge 54!

    Game Walkthrough:Welcome! In here you can exercise your perception and while doing that, you can have fun. So, here is the catch. When you start the game a picture of a room will appear on the screen. On the right side of the screen there is a list of numbers you need to locate. These numbers are scattered all over the place in the strangest spots. Their positions sometimes fight the laws of physics so dont even try so find them by using logic. In here we are putting you perception to the test and not how rational you think. Also you will notice that each time you play this game, you get better and better in it. The only reason for that is the fact that your perception is getting (of course) better. Sounds interesting, dont you think?

    Game Instructions:All you need to play this game is the computer mouse. When you spot a certain number just move the mouse over it and click on the left button and (if you are right) it will disappear from the list on the right side of the screen. But remember that if you make a mistake and click on a wrong place we will reduce your score. So our suggestion is to think before you click and just have crazy fun in this hidden numbers game!


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    Find the Numbers 54

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