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    Hidden Gold Coins
    Most of the people don't run after the heritage that comes from their relatives, We all know that it is a priority to earn our own goods, but sometimes the things can be a little bit different. At times it can be useful to look after that heritage, especially if it's about something really worthy.
    Namely, Sandra, Dorothy and Steven will look after some things that once belonged to their late uncle. More precisely, everyone in the family knew that the uncle was very rich and he owned a valuable collection of gold coins. It was known that he uncle kept this collection hidden somewhere in his house, but after he died, no-one could find the coins. He didn't leave anything that could direct the relatives to the treasure, which means that those valuable golden coins could be lost forever, unless someone gets on the real track.
    The nephews, Sandra, Dorothy and Steven, are in the house at this moment. They hope that they will be the first persons who will manage to find the valuable collection. Would you like to help them?


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    Hidden Gold Coins

    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 05.01.2021
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