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    Gazzyboy Hidden Numbers
    If you are a hidden object games fan, you probably know how the things are goingyou will see a picture and you have a task to find all the hidden items. Well, there is a kind of subgenre to the hidden object games and that is the hidden numbers type of game. So, instead of searching for objects, you are actually searching for numbers! Are you ready to do that? Oh, and you know what? you are going to meet the Disney's cult cartoon character: Miki Mouse and his friends. Did you actually know that Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney in the 1928?!? Well, yeah, he is an old guy, but he is still one of the most popular cartoon characters ever created!

    Game Walkthrough: When you start the game, you will actually see a nice picture of those Disney's heroes. Well, this is indeed a nice picture, and you will have a chance to watch it a lot! Because this is a picture that not only portrays your favorite Disney's characters, but it also hides some numbers that you need to find. Oh, yeah, there are actually the numbers from 1 to 15 scattered through the picture and your task is to find them all! Yeas, your objective is to find those numbers which are concealed in the shown picture. Well, you will have to concentrate and focus well, and open your eyes wide because this is a great challenge for you! You will not only have a chance to assess these skills, but at the same time you can improve them. The effort you will make to find all of those numbers in the picture is enough itself, so if you succeed to find them all, than you really have a sharp eye and your concentration is on a high level. So, come on! Let's start searching those numbers! You won't be able to find these numbers without the magnifying tool which will help you to zoom in. Ok, maybe some of the numbers are more easily visible, but some others are really hard to notice, because they have almost the same color as the background that they are placed. So, for every correct click you'll get a certain amount of points, but still, you have to be careful and try to avoid clicking unnecessarily, because if you click on a wrong spot you will lose certain amount of points as well. So, don't do this unless you are sure you have see the number. As you will click on those numbers you will find, they will automatically vanish from the stripe bellow, so this way you will know which numbers are still there to be found. After finishing the first challenge successfully, you will be able to go to the next one. And here you will see another picture with Mickey Mouse and his buddies, and you will also have to scan the picture in order to find all the hidden numbers.

    Game Instructions: When it comes to the instructions, there is not much to say about them, because hidden object games are very easy to play and the only thing you need is your mouse! So it's all just clicking! As soon as you find a number on the given picture, you just have to click on it with the left mouse button and that's it! So, this is a point and click kind of game, so you won't have any problems with this! All you need to do is to open your eyes and to find all the hidden numbers! It's a lot of fun, you'll see!


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    Gazzyboy Hidden Numbers

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