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    Unearthly Hour
    We live in world of humans and we know what to expect from our everyday living, but what about some parallel worlds, different from ours? Maybe we don’t know much about ghosts and their hierarchy, but there is such a thing… Adam is the ghost that serves to his master Ethan, who is also a ghost. Besides the other things that Adam does, now he has a rather specific order from his master.
    Ethan orders him to use the period of the day, known as unearthly hour, and bring him the valuable objects from the property of the rich man Harold. Unearthly hour is the perfect time for doing this robbery because Harold is almost never awake in that period of time. Almost no one among other people is awake during the unearthly house, so it seems like a safe period for doing something like this.
    Let’s see what happens in the world of the ghosts. Will they get to the Harold’s valuable objects, or maybe something else will happen? It’s up to you to solve this situation and deal with the ghost’s problems.


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    Unearthly Hour

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 22,367
    Published on: 20.02.2021
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    BluAngel (2 months ago):

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