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    Living Shadows
    We mostly hear about detectives that search about real cases and of real cases, we mean criminal cases that involve people. You may say every case involves people, but… But on the other hand, there are cases about paranormal things and appearances and yes, there are detectives that work on those cases, too.
    Thomas is a detective for paranormal things. Thomas has a new special case in front of him. He arrives in the city museum called by the city museum guard. The guard complained that few nights already, he was seeing some paranormal activities, when there wasn’t anyone in the museum. The people would go home, the noise in the museum will end up, but those unusual sights will come in and that’s when the paranormal activities start happening.
    Well, that is something that will freeze everyone’s blood, right? That’s why the detective Thomas is here, to find out what is actually going on there. Will he solve the mystery about the paranormal activities in the museum? Let’s find out, right away!


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    Living Shadows

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 28,244
    Published on: 06.03.2021
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