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    Paris Difference
    Paris or as it is called, the city of light is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Hundreds of tourists visit the capital of France every day and enjoy sightseeing. The Eiffel tower is definitely one of the most interesting places that visitors like to go to. Well, have you ever been there? If your answer is no, we are giving you a chance to do that.

    Game Walkthrough:We are giving you two pictures of certain places, things in Paris. We put them one next to the other and your task is to locate the differences between them. At first look, it seems like there are the same. But the only reason for that is that the things that separate them are so small that you need to sharpen your perception and start looking into the details. When you spot a difference move the computer mouse over it and click on the left button. But dont click if you are not sure because with every missed try we will reduce your time. Ah, yes. You need to know that you are working under a time limit so dont be fooling around. Prepare to be focused and dont get distracted. That is the most important advice we can give you about Paris Difference. Also if you get stuck during the game and feel that you cant go any further that we are giving you the chance to use the hint button couple of times. That means that we will show you one difference. But we wont solve the whole game for you. Remember that!

    Game Instructions:Even if you dont read this game instruction part, we are sure that you will know how to play this game because its so easy. Just place your hand over the computer mouse. Move the mouse wherever you want and when you see a difference place the arrow over it and click on the left button. Thats it. See how it is to be in Paris with the help of this game!


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    Paris Difference

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    Published on: 04.06.2012
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    patches48 (6 years ago):
    why start all over again after missing one change this please