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    Lake House
    There is a house by the Lake that is in the possession of one of your friends. They do not use it so much lately. So, they offered it to you for the weekend. You work very hard all day long during the whole week, so you really need to go somewhere out of the city to relax a little bit. And what is better than a nice house by the lake, surrounded with woods. But, anyway you must find something to do there, because you might get bored by all that. This time you have to search for some numbers in the lake house! Find all the hidden numbers to complete the task! A correct hit will add 100 points to your score, whereas if you click on a wrong place it will mean that you will be deduced100 points. You have only five minutes to find all the numbers from 1 to 15, so it will be the best to be focused on the task.

    Game Walkthrough: You are in the garden of the lake house and you are trying to spot the numbers hidden all around the place. You have a magnifying glass in your hands so probably there will be no serious problems. You should look very carefully, because the numbers are very well hidden. There are some of them placed in the grass, on the house etc. Enjoy your stay in this beautiful place and try to have some fun there!

    Game Instructions: There is no special requirements for this game, in terms of control. You only need a little help of you mouse. It will be the only thing you need to complete the task. Just move the cursor that is connected with the magnifying glass and try to locate some of the hidden numbers on the picture. Then just click the left mouse button to uncheck it. It will then disappear from the picture.


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    Lake House

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    Published on: 06.06.2012
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    patches48 (6 years ago):
    shouldn't have a timer on something like numbers or the alphabet too hard to find sometimes