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    Pursuit Of Lies
    The two detectives Donna and Thomas come to the property of the Anderson family. Something unpleasant has happened in their house, so now the detectives are there, trying to get to some answers that could make their investigation easier.
    Actually, Lisa, the housemate that works in the property of the Anderson family, was found dead in the house. The detectives are collecting states and declarations about the happenings and they notice that something doesn’t match exactly. Namely, the states given by the members of the family doesn’t match the clues and the crime scene, so the detectives decided that it would be better if they explore the case more in details, so they can find out who is responsible for the murder.
    It seems that the case will be harder than expected, so the two detectives Donna and Thomas might use some help from you. Let’s see what kind of evidence can be found at Anderson’s property and see if we can help them somehow. Maybe you will notice something that the detectives couldn’t, so let’s start right away.


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    Pursuit Of Lies

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 16,895
    Published on: 08.11.2021
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