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    Domestic violence is probably the worst thing that could happen to a family or at least one of the worst things... The family should guarantee a safe environment, it should be a safe place where we can find peace and happiness, aside from all unpleasant things that could happen in our everyday life. However, when the things in the family don't function as they should, everything turns upside-down...
    The two detectives Sarah and Donald come to the house where lives one married couple - Steven and his wife. They come in the house because the last night, there was a report about domestic violence between the two spouses. The detectives don't know anything about the quarrelso far, except that it happened right after the guests that were invited to a dinner in Steven's house, left the place.
    Let's search Steven's house, together with the two detectives, and try to find out what happened in his home. Maybe they will find some traces or pieces of evidence that will direct them to the truth about the whole situation.


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    Game of Truth

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 19,062
    Published on: 10.01.2022
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    keibre (1 week ago):
    One of my favorites, but problem with the first Word Search, could not find "ASSAULT"

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