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    Strange Signals
    Well, this game includes a very interesting combination of characters, that is for sure. Meet the astronaut Amanda, the Martian Urgu, and the woman who comes from Venus, Alma. They are here in the space, doing their job when they received some strange signals coming from the spaceship that is located near them. Many spaceships are crossing by them, but those signals are very unusual and make them suspicious about what is going on. Is there a certain threat for them? Or is it something that threatens the whole universe?
    The astronaut Amanda, the Martian Urgu, and the woman who comes from Venus, Alma, are about to start their new mission. They are joined to find out what is going on on that spaceship. Is there someone that could do them harm or someone is simply curious about finding out what is going on in the space, some kind of a space tourist or a scientist?
    Let's take part in this space adventure and see if we can help our characters in their new mission. It is for sure that we will learn some new things about the space, so let's start right away.


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    Strange Signals

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 33,092
    Published on: 12.04.2022
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