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    Something Secret
    Police officers are in danger even when they are not on a duty. They take their secrets with them even when they retire, and many times, criminals decide to take revenge on them, no matter what.
    The three detectives, Emily, Andrew, and Betty, work on discovering a case of murder. The ex-police officer Paul was murdered in his home. Someone broke into his home and shoot him. Paul retired a month ago, but it seems that someone had something against him and wanted to see him dead. Or maybe Paul was an accidental victim of the killer who also had some other purpose, at this point it is too early to judge. But that's why the detectives are opening an investigation to discover the motive for the murder and after that, to find the one who is responsible for it.
    We can help Emily, Andrew, and Betty in their work. Just look for some clues and pieces of evidence that can help in the case. Work like a real pro, and we are sure that the murderer will be found very soon.


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    Something Secret

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 54,899
    Published on: 26.07.2022
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