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    Kim Missing Numbers 1
    Do you have an eye for detail? Or you just overlook things around you? Well, if you belong to the first group of people, you will earn a lot of points in this awesome game. But if you are an absent minded person who doesn't notice things, this game will actually help you improve these observations skills. So, how do you handle with finding things in your home? Well, now you will have to find some numbers in this amazing hidden object game.

    Game Walkthrough: As soon as you start the game you will see a nice and tidy children's room. So, unlike other hidden games, where you have to find items in a messy room, here you will have to search some numbers. Yeah, you will have to find the numbers from 1 to 16 which are scattered all around the room! So, your task is to scan the whole picture and to click on those numbers as soon as you notice them. You know, they are different in shape and color, so this might make the things a little bit more complicated, but more challenging also! You will see all the numbers from 1 to 16 written below the picture, so as you find them and you click on them they will automatically disappear from there, and this way you will know which numbers are still hiding in the room. Ok, and after finding all the numbers in the children's room, you are not actually finished with the game! Yeah, you will be able to go to the next level, and here you will see a picture of a nice bedroom. In this level, and also in the next levels you will have to find 16 numbers. So, get prepared to find all the numbers i all the rooms from this beautiful home!!! For each right click you'll get 100 numbers, and for each wrong one you lose 100 points. You can earn a timer bonus after each round. So let's check out whether you can beat the high scores?!?

    Game Instructions: And finally let's see what exactly you need to do to play this game and what you need to play it of course. So, like in all hidden object games, in this one you need to use your mouse only and all you need to do is to click with the left mouse button on the numbers you see. That's all buddy! So, now start the game and get as higher score as possible!


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    Kim Missing Numbers 1

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    Published on: 01.07.2012
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