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    Mothers Day
    Even though, in my opinion, mothers should be celebrated every day, and all mothers should be loved and respected each day of the year, still, there is a special day that we have in order to celebrate and give thanks to our mothers for everything they do for us, all throughout our lives. This day is called Mothers Day and is celebrated worldwide. On this day, mothers receive special thanks and all kinds of gifts in order to show our enormous love, support and respect and to say that we are grateful for everything they do for us.

    Game walkthrough: Today, we have found another day to show our thanks to our mums, and that is throughout an online game. How cool is that!? Given that our mothers know how much time we spend on the computer, I think that they will be glad if we told them that we were playing a Mothers Day game. This is a game about differences. You will be given a certain amount of time, and you will need to use that time to find all the differences between the two, almost identical pictures on your screen. And, of course, the pictures will be all about our dearest mothers and in their honour.

    Game instructions: All of this, you will need to do with the help of your mouse. Once you spot a difference on the picture on either of the pictures, you will need to click on it with your left mouse button, which is in the shape of a pencil, and when you do this, the difference will be circled and you can move on to finding the next one. The time will be given on the middle of your screen so that you can know how much time you have got all the way throughout the game. There is no help, since there are only seven differences you need to find, so you must do everything on your own. Concentrate and focus, and you will have no problem in finding all the differences.


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    Mothers Day

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    Published on: 04.07.2012
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