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    Castle of Nightmares
    Many of us are seriously frightened by nightmares. It's not just the scary content those bad dreams have, but the very thought that tonight they might be molested by such a dream that doesn't let them sleep. Sleepless nights, nightmares, sometimes this circle can be tough to handle and many people deal with this kind of situation.
    And in our today's game, will be about one very particular and strange place - the castle of nightmares. Namely, Ruth and the psychic woman Debra came to that place to find out what is happening there. They called for help from their friends who are hardly waiting to find out why this castle was abandoned and why it is widely known as the castle of nightmares.
    Yes, they have heard the stories but they are curious to find out how it works in reality. You may guess that they are all very brave since they decided to take such a step, right? They all know that this won't be an easy mission, but still, they are curious to find out the truth, no matter what.


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    Castle of Nightmares

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 14,725
    Published on: 23.02.2023
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