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    Park Day
    What these modern times have done to us?! They have reduced our chances of seeing our loved ones more often. Yes, someone will say that everything can be achieved if you want, but some of us have two jobs, have children, and have our own lives and interests, so we have reduced our social contacts to what is most necessary for us. And old friendships, relatives we haven't seen in years? We put them aside, or forget them, overwhelmed by daily routines and obligations.
    Danny and Lisa are first cousins, but they haven't seen each other in a very long time. They decide to catch up over a nice walk in their town's park where they used to play as children. This is the most beautiful period of their lives and they remember these moments fondly. As adults, they live busy and complicated lives and it is very hard to find time for each other in these times. But it's always nice to have a simple park day, right?Let's enjoy this walk together with our friends and visit the beauties of the park.


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    Park Day

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    Published on: 19.01.2024
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